Why Are We Here ?

                     If you look around internet, you will find a lot of strange

               solutions to this problem, but what do we really know?

                     Everyone now-a-days thinks that you need to take a scientific

               approach to problems of this nature. But this method has one little


                     We need absolute answers to an absolutely important problem,

               but Science can not even come close to the solution unless it starts

               with absolute facts. For us humans there is no such thing. We do not

               have absolute facts about anything. All we seem to ever have is theories

               and other humans that claim to have all the facts for absolutely anything

               that you are willing to pay for.

                   Whatever reason we are here, we have seen a lot of clues that we

               were put here by someone for reasons that we may never understand.

                   We are someone's creation for whatever the reason. Look at our DNA.

                There is a data format with several billion code pieces that make us

                what we are. Now THAT'S some big mystery that we need to solve.

                   What do our brilliant Science crowd have to say about it?  The huge    

                 computer program created itself through a long process of trial and

                 error. Nice try Darwin. Send me an E-mail from where-ever you went

                 to when you get it right.

                    While we are here playing with absolutely wild guesses, let me give

                  you one of mine:

                    Our whole Universe is a massive computer program with a zillion

                  google-bytes of dynamic neutrino ram. The program was built by a

                  real programmer and we are just little pieces of computer code.

                  For some reason a hacker somehow got a copy of the code and built

                  a war game, complete with Cylons, warp drives and teleporters. Real

                  interesting but we were not designed for the type of Universe and

                  that is what is causing all of the problems we are having.

                      Fortunately for us the original programmer still holds the copyright

                   for the program and has provided us with a way out. That way can be

                   summed up with one word:







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