Being a Pharisee feels so right to those who do it. It is so easy to follow

a set of rules, that fill right and defend them against all comers. Today's pharisees

believe in all sorts of righteous things that can not be compromised for

any reason.

 They believe that they are right because they are against abortion and Gays and everything

else that little evil people try to force others to follow. They give themselves grand

titles like " Conservative" and bash the little Liberals who are so inferior to their great 

righteous selves.


 They like to watch T V preachers, that tell them (Deuteronomy) that the Righteous have

the right to plunder the unrighteous and become Rich and heck with the rest of the world.

Then they figure out grand schemes to send everyone elses jobs to China and get richer


 They are now, as they sit in their rich peoples bars in New York, worrying about their

stocks hitting the floor,wondering why God has turned his back on them.

 If Jesus was here what would he tell them? I sure wouldn't want to be in their shoes.








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