The Game of Arrow Blocks

      This is a simple board/logic type game that I use for mental exercise. The theory is that it will keep my old brain from going to a complete stop.

      The object of the game is to remove the center arrows. If it takes too long, the best thing to do is to just stop. You have gotten your exercise for the day.

       Click on a side arrow to launch it at the arrows in the center. If it lands near a center arrow of the same color, both arrows will be removed from the board. It may take over 150 moves to do this so don't wait too long. You have 100 center arrows to remove.
Size : 934.921 Kb
Type : zip


                   Version 1 was taking me too long to solve, so I made a version 2 that takes less time.
Size : 915.383 Kb
Type : zip


                   In version 3, I extended the game to 7 levels.
Size : 793.48 Kb
Type : zip

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