After a half century of knowledge about DNA, most people who know anything have

come to know that DNA is the material in every living cell that decides how that cell

grows to become us or whatever else it was designed to create. 


  At one time, biology books reported that a Human DNA molecule contained 10 billion

nucleotides. The powers who control such things then decided that this was too many

to explain a random process, that could not produce this many units of code in the short

period that the earth has existed. So they down graded the the number down to 2 billion.

  This was still not enough, so they decided that most of the material in the DNA did not

code for anything. They named this useless DNA "Junk DNA", which would have made

beautiful Science Fiction, but these people insist that it is some form of absolute truth.

Strange thing for so called Scientists to say. I did not realize that Science had any absolutes.

  If I remember correctly, every generation of Scientists have a funny way of disproving all

of the absolutes of the past and replacing them with new ones. It's different this time they say.

What we say is now the way.







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