Life is like a game of chess

  Us versus the evil one, or they, whatever. 

  What I have noticed about life is that it seems to be

played by a set of unknown rules. The players of this

game (good vs evil) seem to be bound by these rules

in such a way that at any instance there are a limited 

amount of things that can be done to affect the game.

 The human players are affected by the non human

players in a manner determined by how many move points

that they have left. In chess, if you want to figure out

who is winning you count up who has the most pieces

and you also give points for the best positions. For

instance, a pawn on the 7th rank is worth much more

than a pawn on the 2nd rank.

 The game that we are part of has officially been going

on for a few thousand years and I suspect that the

enemy has used up too many power points and can

not afford to be wasteful. If that is so, then there may

be a weakness in his game plan that can be exploited.

As Christians, two of the weapons that we need to use

are the weapons of perservance and patience.When the

enemy is hitting us hard and it seems that we are not 

getting anywhere, remember that he is using up his last

available moves and his game will soon be lost.  Anything

that we try to do for the cause helps to win the game even

when it seems that we are not getting anywhere. 






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