Google Brainstorming
   After getting bored with my usual Computer pastimes I have come up with a new one. I use Google For brainstorming ideas and information. I start out with a short list of phrases like the following and cut and paste them into the Google tool bar. Searching Google with these Phrases gives me new ones to add to the list.
    Lists like this one are good for trading with friends and I hope to use it for entertainment for years to come.

Google Secrets        Chuck Norris                 Google Mirror               Google Rainbow   
Google Tricks           Google Doodles           Epic Google                    Google Mental Plex   
Google Dorks           Google Easter Egg      Ancient Inventions      Computer Tips and Tricks
CIA Tricks                Windows 7 Tricks        How to Make*               How to Make Anything
NSA Secrets             Wiki Leaks                      Secret Societies           Government Secrets
Bilderburgs               Google Secrets            Microsoft Windows Secrets
Cosmos Science Fiction                                  Cosmos Patrol             Cosmos Secrets
Nasa Secrets            Alien Ruins on the Moon                                     Luna Alien Base
What is Truth?          Absolute Truth           Rick's Programs          Rick3137


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