I seen today on TV, that several foreigners have gotton into the

business of counterfieting perscription pills. I need to catalogue my pills

to be able to tell the diference between real pills and fake. I think that

weight will be the best way to catch fakes. Other things are hardness and

solubility checks in water or alchohol. I don't think that fake pills will

be as well calibrated as real ones. Microscopic checks of the paper and pill

grains might also show a diference between good and bad.

It is my guess that the fakes are swapped for the good ones at wholesale

centers and then they can sell the real ones on Internet and not get caught.

     On the subject of Reincarnation.

     Do people get more than one chance? Most Fundalmentalists

have decided that a person only gets one chance. This is mainly based on one scripture:

     Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement... 

     Although this has always been my opinion, I sometimes wonder about the ability of

modern-day theologins to really understand scripture. The fact that every denomination

disagrees with all others on at least one point gives me reason to believe that theologins

are not the all-knowing people that they think they are. I do not claim to be all-knowing and

Reincarnation is not one of my beliefs, but I have suspitions that church doctrine on this

subject could contain errors.

     For instance: If a man can only die once, why did Lazarus die twice?  Every person in the

Bible who ever was raised from the dead ended up dying a second time. How about Elijah and Enoch?

They havn't even died the first time yet.

     Another point: If a person can only die once, What part of him dies? Is it their body

or is it their spirit? Is it possible for a spirit being to die? 

     One Christian Writer had This to say on the subject: He pointed out the fact that if a 

person went through several bodies during his existance which body would he get during the

resurection, when every knee shall bow down and ackknowledge Christ?


  Sunday, Paster Brian preached about Holiness. One of his main points was about Witnessing.

He did not advance any of the old methods that have never worked, like door to door nonsense

that some groups push. His idea of Holiness was to live a life that attracted people. Become

the type of person that others would like to be.

  He also mentioned the idea of investing in people. We should invest our time in getting to

know people so that we can attract them to Christ by reason of having a life style and personality

that attracts them.

I noticed this during today's scripture reading:

   1 John 5:16  If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he

will ask and he will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is

sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that. All unrighteous is sin,

and there is a sin not leading to death.

   This passage seems to say that there are two types of sin. This is something that the

churches that I have attended have skipped over.


  Our world view and our concept of truth consists of a series of facts that we put together

like pieces of a puzzle. When we put the puzzle together, what we have left is a picture of God.

  This is what we must do if we insist on using rational thought to discover God. It is also

necessary to do this to counter skeptics who insist on using pseudo-science in an atempt to

disprove the existance of God. 

 9-14-06          THIS IS A PLANET OF PARADOX

    When we are young we want it all; Money,property,skills,power,fun,happiness,health,love

and a large list of more or less unmentionable things. we spend all of our time

and energy trying to obtain these things, forgetting how short our lives really are.


     I got an idea for a small easy to build electronic device.

     I need to build a simple 1 transistor tuner to keep track of wire

less internet devices. It can also be used to hear mobile phones.



  Old church doctrine has it as a literal lake of fire,a place of unbelievable

torment. This seems to come from the work of the Jewish historian,Josephus.

    THE LAKE OF FIRE-- is it literal or is it figurative?

  Jesus sometimes used the term "Gehenna" which was a place in the Valley of Hinnom

where human sacrifices were once done. It was also a place of burning of trash.

  This sounds somewhat discriptive of something that can not easily be understood

by the human mind. It could be comparitive. Compared to the New Heavens and the New Earth

that awaites Christians the alternative could be very bad. 




  It is posible that this trait is important, because the human mind was designed

this way. When we attempt to think about things that are too lofty to think about,

it may cause our brains to malfunction; we get bored or simply burn out.

  It might be better if we set our goals to things that we know are obtainable and

likely to work. This is against all self-help books I've ever read, but at least

my brain does not hurt when I opperate in this mode. Makes me wonder about those books.

 This might be why many people who do good at a career or public job, fall apart when

they attempt a home business.


 Multiuniverse Theory 

  The Darwinists have come up with a new scam to prove that that they are right

and the Inteligent design people are wrong. They had to do this, because this Universe

that we live in does not have enough planets to overcome the extreme odds against

things being created by accident. It is finely tuned to an extreme degree.

  They have come up with the totally imaginary idea that there must be an infinitely

large number of universes out there and we just happen to live in the one where everything

was just right for life to happen all by it's little self.

  I have a problem with this. Along with being contrary to common sense, it ignores all

the hints that God has left us that show that he did it.

  The other problem that I have with this idea is; If there really are an infinite number

of universes out there, then we just happen to live in the one where there is a little

place called "Planet Earth" that was created by a great designer that we call "God". The fact

that we do not know where he comes from does not change the fact of the matter. Finite

small minds like ours are not likely to have the answers to things that are so much

larger than we are.



 Is the Earth 6 thousand years old, or is it 4 Billion years old?

 It was several years ago that some Bishop made the desition that The Bible's

geneologies when added up point to the age of the Earth being about six

thousand years. I have a problem with that. Those geneologies only date us back

to Adam. They say nothing about the age of the Earth. When I read Genesis

I see man created in chapter one and I see Adam created in chapter 2. These two events

may or may not be the same events.

 There is another problem when using Genesis in a detailed manner.How much of Genesis is 

actually original scripture? Alot of flaws found in scripture have been attributed to copy

errors. At one time Midevil Christians thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe.

 Now we know better.

 If the Universe is 6000 years old, why do we see star light that is over a Billion

light-years away? Do Fundamentalists think that God is the author of confusion?

 Still, we Fundamentalists continue to torcher the rest of the Human

race with out bad Science that we think comes from our infalable scripture. Actually it

comes from our old doctrines, some of which date back to the Middle Ages. These old 

doctrines are what make Fundamentalism what it is.

 What ever happenned to the old time 1st Century doctine of the Apostles? 

 Quit teaching us nonsense from the Middle Ages.





  It is believed by our main line culture that this Universe operates on the principle

of total Randomness. They believe that it is a fluke of nature that we just happen to

live on a planet that supports life.


  It is my belief that this planet is not capable of supporting life by itself

without outside help. Those beings that we call Angels are here with us to keep things

from falling apart. 

  When a large Hurricane or bunch of tornadoes hit an area, they seem to skip one area

just to hit another. Some people call these events "An act of God". Then they complain:

"Why did God do this to us". It is my belief that it is an act of Nature that misses those

who have protection.

  God protects his own. "Nature" does not. I believe that if the Angels who are here with

us were to leave that this place would quickly become an unlivable wilderness. 



 In Genesis chapter 20, Abraham meets up with Abimelech, king of Gerar. In chapter 21

his land is called the "land of the Philistines".

 I looked up the word "Philistines" on Internet (Wiki Encyclopedia) and discovered that the Philistines did

not exist in Palistine during the time of Abraham. The Catholic encyclopedia called this

"An Anachronism". 


  Specialized Tarifts; We should not make it legal for foreign countries to steal our

technology. When we come out with a new invention and someone comes out with a cheap copy,

that product needs a tareff to stop the foreign invasion of our markets. 



 What gives crafts a possible future is the fact that if they are done right, they will

last 100 times longer than these cheap foreign imports that have taken over our store shelves.

 A product that lasts 100 times longer than a cheap copy, should be worth 100 times as much.

Since it is unlikely that someone will pay 100 times as much money for a quality product 

we need another way to spread these products.

 People have been giving these products as Christmas gifts for a long time and this has

been a good way to distribute these objects. Since it also doubles as a good hobby this

makes craft making something that is unlikely to disappear.

 What hurts crafts is the idea that they are low value objects. This makes the pride of making

your own products a low value concept. This is backwards.

  There is a way to get around this. We need to extend the hobby aspects of craft making

into a group endeaver. Craftsmen could have regular weekly or monthly meetings where they

can trade their work for the work of others. Since there would be no money involved, there

would no longer be a problem with Foreign competion.






   In Matthew it says:

   22:31 Now as for the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was spoken to you by God, 

      22:32 "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob"  He is not the God of the dead 

        but of the living!

   This passage basicly gives a train of logic that states that Abraham is already alive.

  Some church doctrines will tell you that no one is alive until the Reserection.

  What could explain this apparant paradox?


         BAD DNA

 I heard a new theory about Sin recently. The idea is that it might be a family trait

passed on from one generation to the next, located in our DNA. It seems that our DNA

has been manipilated by some unseen force to cause us to pick up a whole list of bad



 This idea has had bad publicity, especially with some of the old-timers. They want you to

take everything by faith,preferably the blind type. The idea of proving something is so


 On the other hand, today's Atheist media culture demands absolute proof of everything

documented by at least 25 Science textbooks. I don't mind people with alot of education,

but when some kid demands that I prove that the back of my hand really exists I tend

to get a little irritated.


 I got this idea while reading Exodus. When the Israelites aproached Sinai, there was alot

of smoke and similar stuff and the sound of a horn blowing. This sounded suspicious, like

an advanced culture trying to spook some primitives, the sort of stuff seen on the Sci-Fi

channel.(Stargate sg1) Someone using a horn to fake out Moses does not make sense because

of the larger events that had already happened.If someone had invented Moses as a work of

fiction then these two sets of events were unlikely to come from the same writer.

  There is no resemblance to the Greek fables that are very obviously made for entertainment.

There is a high element of something that resembles the logic construct called "The

Double Negative".

  In Exodus chapter 25 they were planing to make a lampstand of 75 lbs gold. That sounded too

high, but for half a million families that was only one dollar apiece at today's prices. That

bit of information helps to verify the huge number of people who left Egypt.

  Christians today need to spend more time on this subject. We need to allow those who

are seeking an answer to what this life is really about to find that answer.



  When I was growing up I was given a guilt trip by the ruling adult ideology telling

us how sorry and worthless people were.(Church of God Doctrine)

 Strait and narrow way, Don't do this or that.(long list)What have you acomplished this

week? Who have you won over or who have you witnessed to? Were you at church Wednesday and 

Friday night? Do you have perfect Sunday School atendance? I could write all day on the

subject but do not like to think about it.

  The Fundamentalist Pharasees of that generation, instead of winning people to Christ

were more apt to send them the other way. More recently they all joined the Republican party

with the idea of taking over the world by force and playing their same old tricks on 

every one else.

  It seems that as time goes on that the Devil is getting more into Religion for the

purpose of pushing his agenda. It is becomming hard to find people to share the Gospel with,

because they have already heard the Pharasee version and have already been turned off

to it.

  I have this idea that the existance that we have found ourselves in may be a little like

a game of Chess where each side starts out with just so many power points to play and if they

use them too quickly, soon their position becomes hopeless.

  We can consider ourselves as pawns (or decoys) in this game and play it that way. 

  We can strive to push the Christian message in what ever way that we are able and if it

seems that we are not getting anywhere we can realize that we are causing the oposition

to use up points. When the enemy runs out of moves, Christ will return and it will be:

                    GAME OVER.    






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