I was doing Google the other day and ran across a website  that
thought they had found another contradiction in the Bible.

 I did a search of Google dealing with Peter's home town. It seems
that someone on Internet considers what I found as a contradiction.
Hogwash... What person do you know, has ever lived in just one town?

 In Mark 2:1 I noticed that the town of Capernaum was discribed as
"home", in a statement about Jesus. It was almost like the writer of
this Gospel, was calling it home. This is the type of statement that
you would find in a real life historic document.

 It seems that the writers of the gospels were dependant on real life
people for the material that they wrote down. If you follow the Google
trail further, you will find that Mark got most of his material from
Peter who lived in Caperaum at the time.

 I do not know why atheists think that contradictions in the Bible mean
anything. If they actually found contradictions, what it really proves is
that God did not write the Bible. He let humans do it, under his
supervision. They seem to think that contradictions prove it is fiction.
That's all strange to me. I do not remember any condradictions in any
of the many science fiction books that I have read.

 If you really want to find contradictions, try History. Real facts and real
events are always full of contradictions. The reason for this is that real
facts come from real people and real people tend to have real memory problems
at one time or another. If I could not find a few contradictions in
the Bible, THEN I might have to wonder, "IS THIS REAL?"

 For those Christians who believe that the Bible is the inerant, infalible
word of God, don't worry, I am not trying to contradict your faith. the supposed
contradictions in the Bible could easily be explained by many years of
being copied by hand. This is all a big area of "I don't know " to me,
but if we hide from the problem, we will continue to loose ground to
the atheists who are trying to make us go away and hide. 


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