I some time wonder how some Christians can actually believe

that the Earth is only 6000 thousand years old. They will actually

question our noble hard working scientists who have absolute proof

that the earth is several billion years old. They have written tons of

books about creatures who have lived before man. The evidence can

not be questioned. 

  After thinking about it some more I wonder about the fraise, "absolute

truth". Do brilliant educated geeks really posess such power. I doubt

it.  The only way to posess absolutes of any kind is to have absolute

knowledge. Every brilliant idea has the tendacy to disappear when a

new fact is uncovered that shows how dumb it really was. 

 If you have ever studied Logic, you will notice all your logical facts

have been built up from basic assumptions that are considered true

without any need to prove. If someone comes along and proves that

just one of your assumptions are wrong, just watch out. You just lost

a ton of briant work and risk being well known as the has been who








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