This section is about sdlBasic, which I have decided to try out for this website.

      You can down load it from this location:

                                       I don't like setup files, so went straight for the zip files.
                                       I unzipped sdlBasic to my Windows 8.1 desk top, then I right clicked on a test file; .SDLBAS
                                Then I had to do that browse thing to tell Windows where the editor was.
                                Now when I click on any .sdlbas file, the editor comes up.
                                      To run it, I had to get the other zip file containing sdBrt.exe. I then put sdBrt.exe next to sdlBasic.exe located in the directory: sdlBasic/Bin/

                                      The Interpreter will now run any .sdlbas text file that I click on. Reminds me of the old qbasic interpreter I used back in the MSDos days.
                                      If you want something that looks like an exe file to give to your friends, you need to go to the Plugins section of the menu and click on the 

                                      option: "Make Executable". I don't consider this a real .exe file, but it's close enough to do the job.
                                      In the future I will post code for this interpreter that you can copy and paste into your

                                      sdlBasic editor. Look for the drop-down menu to find this code.



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